Home world: Romajio Star System
First appearance: Heisei Ultraseven: The Day the Fruit Ripens
Latest appearance: none
Height: 55 meters
Weight: 30,001 tons
Category: Plant
Affiliation: Alien Remojo (creator)
Roar(s): {{{Roar(s)}}}

Bolajo (ボラジョ Borajo?) is a space bioweapon that appeared in Heisei Ultra Seven.

Subtitle: Plant Beast (植物獣 Shokubutsuju?)


A biological weapon made in a Romajian labratory, Bolajo was carried on a Alien Romajio terrorist ship as a fruit to rebel against the peaceful Romajio race.

Then the Romajio police blew up the terrorist ship leaving Bolajo's fruit seed in South America. Then the Ultra Garrison heard about Bolajo's fruit seed and U.G. tried to kill it. Bolajo was almost killed until the power of the Romajio terrorist combined with the Bolajo turning it into its super form. Bolajo then trapped Ultra Hawk 3 with its vines. Then Kaij turned into Ultraseven and stopped Bolajo with his Wide Shot.

Powers and Abilities

  • Gas: Bolajo can release harmful gas from his mouth.
  • Shock Waves: By spinning himself rapidly, Bolajo can create an explosive shockwaves sending these tremors in straight lines towards its enemies.
  • Shock Vines: Bolajo has vines that can be used as whips or tentacles, ensnaring victims and pulling them into the air. Once holding prey, the vines can surge paralyzing shocks into an opponent's body.
  • Super Speed: Bolajo can charge at high speed.


Ultrasiete - The day of the fruit ripens04:18

Ultrasiete - The day of the fruit ripens

Ultraseven vs. Bolajo

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