Bright Stick
Bright Stick
User(s): Takeshi Yamato
First Appearance: Ultraman 80 Episode 1
Status: In use

The Bright Stick (ブライトスティック Buraito Sutikku?) is the transformation device used by Takeshi Yamato/Ultraman 80, and is always on Takeshi's person.


It is a rod-like devices that is 23 cm when at full length. The internal "crystal bar" is the part that emits the transformation light energy. There is no location that renders the Bright Stick from allowing it's user to transform, with the exception of Alien Bam's fourth dimensional space.

The Bright Stick can be used as an attachment to Takeshi's gun by being mounted on the muzzle. It is also a capable of transforming items similarly to how its normal "transformation application", which is an Ultra Series first.


Takeshi reaches for it behind him and raises it into the air, he shouts "80" and presses the button. The top of the object rises up and rings of energy flow down transforming him.



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