Home world: Prehistoric Earth
First appearance: Dinosaur Expedition Born Free Episode 1: "Go! Born Free"
Latest appearance: Dinosaur Expedition Born Free Episode 3: "Rescue Brontosaurus"
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
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Affiliation: None
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The mother and child Brontosaurus (ブロントサウルス, Burontosaurus) were victims in Dinosaur Expidition Born Free.


When poachers decided that the animals of modern day where too boring, they went back in time to hunt real game. Dinosaurs! Amongst their many targets was a massive brontosaur. The gentle giant was too big to hide and too slow to not chase. However, with the help of the Born Free gang, the Brontosaur was able to escape all these poacher traps and raise a child who became friends with the two youngest Born Free members.

Powers and Abilities

  • Tail: Like all sauropods, the Brontosaurus can use it's massive tail as a weapon.
  • Size: In the laws of nature, when you're big, you don't need special defenses. The brontosaurus is a perfect example of this.


  • The stop motion puppet for the brontosaur would be a common sight in Ururu's underground palace in Dinosaur Great War Izenborg.
  • Despite it's name, it's actually an apatosaurus.
  • When the Great Dinosaur War broke out, the Brontosaurus wasn't given a suit. It would only gain a suit in the Dinosaur Trilogy series' ending, Koseidon.


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