Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Home world: Name Unknown
Series: Ultraman Story 0 Manga
First appearance: Chapter 2
Last appearance: Chapter 92
Number of appearances 2
Type: Ally
Family Sarah (Older Sister)
Father (Deceased)
Affiliation Good
Portrayed by N/A-Manga Character
Sarah's younger brother.


As panicky as the rest of his people, Cal was also more emotional than his sister and was quick to condemn the giant (Zoffy in Giant form) for the accidental death of his father despite his sister explaining it was an accident.

Cal later forgave Zoffy after he fought to protect his tribe from another monster.


A native of an unnamed planet, Cal was with his sister Sarah and their father, when the village was being attacked by monsters.

They ran into a stranger who seemed unaware of the situation and who ran towards the monster, seemingly killed by a fireball. Second later light gathered and formed a giant who fought the monsters. However the massive blast of the giant's beam caused collateral damage, such as a boulder that crushed the sibling's father who had pushed them out of the way.

In the ruins of their former village, the pair met the stranger again and Cal voiced his hatred of the giant that he blamed for his father's death.


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