Chamegon (チャメゴン, Chamegon?) was a human friendly kaiju introduced in the 1966 Tsuburaya Special Effects show, Friendly Monster Booska.



Chibira Kun

Chamegon appeared twice in the Chibira Kun series, often as a salesman who scammed Goruba and his son. Also, Chamegon's costume head was modified and used for the character, Pipi, in the series.

Powers and Abilities:

Unknown at this time.


  • Chamegon was introduced as a 'rival' and comedic foil for Booska.
  • Chamegon, Booska, Pigmon and Kanegon are often teamed up together for Ultraman Land stage shows, most likely for them being the friendliest monsters in Tsuburaya's line up of kaiju.
  • She is the first female monster of the Booska series.


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