Chibu Spark
Chibu Spark
User(s): Android One Zero
Alien Guts Bolst
First Appearance: Ultraman Ginga S Episode 1: "The Opening Force"
Status: Intact, but mostly out of use.

Chibu Sparks (チブルスパーク Chiburu Supāku?) were robotic imitations of Spark devices that appeared in Ultraman Ginga S.


Ultraman Ginga S

In order for assist his minions in battle, Alien Chibu Exceller created these artificial Spark devices. Like all spark devices, this gadget allowed their user to MonsLive (モンスライブ Monsuraibu?) into selected Spark Dolls. Compared to other Spark device copies, this one doesn't needed desires, either good or nefarious. When in use, the Chibu Spark initiates "MonsLive, <..Spark Doll name..>". With all of Exceller's minions destroyed and several defected, Chibu Sparks are currently out of use.

Powers and Abilities

  • MonsLive: Like regular Spark devices, the object allowed its users to became one with the Spark Doll.
  • Power Inherit: An alien user of Chibu Spark can channel their powers to any Spark Dolls they Lived into. Such example was seen when Vorst channel his ability to duplicate to Gan Q and allowed Fire Golza to use his Paralysis Ray.



  • Chibu Sparks are voiced by Takuya Eguchi, whom also voiced Exceller.
  • Chibu Sparks are the first Spark imitations to be made from technology.
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