Chrome Chesters
Chrome Chester Canisters
Length: Dependable on vehicles
Weight: Dependable on vehicles
Width: Dependable on vehicles
Seats up to: Dependable on vehicles
Max Speed: Dependable on vehicles
Type: Jet
Affiliation TLT

Chrome Chester (クロムチェスター Kuromu Chesuta) are fighter jets created by the TLT with the help of Visitors which arms their Night Raider unit with advance equipment to combat Space Beast in the air and when they reach giant size. As more giant space beasts started to become more and more in place of the more human sized variants TLT was forced to upgrade their arsenal creating new Chesters and Chester combinations.


  • Chrome Chester α (クロムチェスター α Kuromu Chesuta α): The most aerodynamic of the original three Chesters it forms the front command portion of all Chester combinations. Equipped with the "Spider Missile".
  • Chrome Chester β (クロムチェスター β Kuromu Chesuta β): The Chester with the largest engine of the original three, it forms the middle section of the Strike Chester formation and the cannons in the Mega Cannon formation.
  • Chrome Chester γ (クロムチェスター γ Kuromu Chesuta γ): The least aerodynamic of the original three Chesters it forms the bottom or the back of all the formations
  • Chrome Chester δ (クロムチェスター δ Kuromu Chesuta δ): The fourth Chester was built to do what Strike formation could not, use the Phase Synchronizer and Scanning Pulse at the same time. It upgraded the Strike formation into Hyper Strike formation enhancing its abilities and allowing greater firepower output.

Chester Combinations

  • Mega Cannon Chester: In exchange for air mobility the chesters gain a stronger version of the finisher the Strike Vanisher called the Mega Strike Vanisher which is thirty percent stronger.
  • Strike Chester: The first combination of Alpha, Beta and Gamma, with its Scanning pulse it can search for things within the phase and its Phase Synchronizer allows it to match that frequency of space. This is how it enters the Meta-Field. Its finisher is a beam called the Strike Vanisher
  • Hyper Strike Chester: The Strike Chester combined with Chester Delta, it can now search the phase frequencies with impunity and Delta Hyper generators allow for the use of the Hyper Strike Vanisher and for a time, before the required data was deleted, Ultimate Vanisher which was an artificially created version of Nexus' Over-Ray-Storm