Chuck Gavin
Chuck Gavin
Ultra: Ultraman Chuck
Age: {{{Age}}}
Gender: Male
Transformation Item Will Power
Home world: Earth (Alternate Nebula M78 Timeline)
First Appearance: Ultraman: The Adventure Begins
Last Appearances None
Type: Hero, Leader
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Affiliation The Ultra Force
Portrayed by Chad Everett

He is the human host of Ultraman Chuck.


The oldest and leader of the three Ultra Force hosts, Chuck was the unofficial leader just as his Ultra counterpart seemed to take the lead. Originally an air show pilot with the other two, he was taken by surprise during a routine flight by three glowing spheres of light, one of which crash into his plane just as the other two crashed in his friends'. Miraculously all of them survived.

During the battle with two different monsters, the others first transformed into their Ultra selves. It was only when trying to help a third, peaceful monster that his was accidentally hit and he first transformed.

However, this act was looked on as treason by the National Guard and the heroes were attacked by long range missiles. However the three Ultras easily outsmarted the missiles, making them collide in the upper atmosphere before sending the creature to another world to live peacefully.

It was later on that King Myra began its attack on New York City. With the Ultra Force believed to be dead, it seemed as if nobody would arrive to help the battle against King Myra in New York.

However, the three heroes did arrive. After the creature brought down the aircraft, the three Ultras confronted it. Despite their power, they were overpowered by the beast and defeated. With their energy draining fast, King Myra continued to rip New York City apart. 

The Ultra Force mother ship, however, would soon recharge the guardians with power. With new found strength and a new plan, the three managed to drive the creature back. It tried to retreat, but was stopped by Ultrawoman Beth’s Ultra Spout and then captured by Chuck’s energy bubble.

It lashed out with its tentacles, but the three only used them as ropes to drag the raging creature along for the ride. Within minutes they arrived at their destination: the sun! The trio dumped the beast in the fiery source of life, eliminating it! More creatures, however, could pop up at any given time, and the three heroes were granted their wish to remain on Earth.

Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation: After his first near death experience, Chuck could transform into his Ultra alter ego at will. 
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