Various continuities exist in the Ultraman series. Ultraman Zero: The Revenge of Belial showed that all of these continuities exist in a multiverse, which can be traversed by Ultras such as Ultraman Noa and Ultraman Zero.

Nebula M78 Universe

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The first continuity of the Ultraman series. The Showa Ultras exist in this universe, along with the Heisei Ultras Mebius, Hikari, and Zero. This universe’s versions of Great, Powered, Neos, Ultraseven 21, Max, and Xenon differ from their TV series counterparts in that they never came to Earth. It is believed the events of Ultra Q, Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the Stars, and Neo Ultra Q took place in this universe as well.

Alternate Nebula M78 Universes

Heisei Ultra Seven

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A continuity where Ultraseven was the only Ultra to visit Earth. Ultraseven was originally intended to take place in a separate universe to Ultraman, and the Heisei Ultraseven specials and series show how the events of this universe would have progressed.

Ultra Force

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An alternate Showa continuity where the Ultra Force were the only Ultramen to come to Earth.

Ultraman Great

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An alternate Showa continuity where Ultraman Great was the only Ultra to come to Earth.

Ultraman Powered

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An alternate Showa continuity where Ultraman Powered was the only Ultra to come to Earth.

Ultraman Neos

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An alternate Showa continuity where Ultraman Neos and Ultraseven 21 are the only Ultras to come to Earth. An alternate Zoffy makes an appearance in this series.

Ultraman Story 0

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An alternate Showa continuity that follows the adventures of the Ultra Brothers and other Ultras unique to this universe after the rebirth of the Land of Light.

Ultraman Max

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An alternate Showa continuity that takes place in the near future where Ultraman Max, Xenon are the first Ultra Crusaders to come to Earth somewhere within the span of 40 years after the Showa era.

Ultraseven X

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A continuity where no Ultra from this universe visited Earth. Ultraseven X, an Ultra from the Showa universe, came to this universe in order to protect the Earth from invading aliens.


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An alternate Showa continuity where Ultraman was the only Ultra Crusader to visit Earth. Shin Hayata's merger with Ultraman granted him Ultra DNA, resulting in him possessing superhuman abilities. Hayata’s son, Shinjiro, inherited this Ultra DNA and donned a robotic suit to become humanity’s protector.

Joneus Universe

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The continuity of The☆Ultraman animated series. In this universe, Ultras hail from the planet U40. They possess natural human forms but only a select few have trained enough to be able to turn into a giant.

Zearth Universe

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A continuity wherein the two Zearth movies takes place. While the Ultras of M78 are mentioned, Ultraman Zearth hails from the Land of Sparkles, located in Nebula Z95.

Neo Frontier Space Universe

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The continuity of the Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Dyna series’s. Millions of years in the past, a human civilization existed on Earth. The giants of light left Earth when humanity no longer needed them, but three of them left their physical bodies behind for the day when humanity would need to be protected once again. Tiga was the only giant to be revived. His successor was Dyna, an Ultra originating from parts unknown.

Guardians of the Earth Universe

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The continuity of the Ultraman Gaia series. Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul, Ultras originating from the Earth itself, defend humanity.

The Decisive Battle in Hyperspace Universe

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A continuity where Ultras only exist in TV programs. However, Gaia, Tiga, and Dyna appear in this universe through the power of an object that can grant wishes to battle similarly summoned monsters.

Nice Universe

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A continuity where Ultraman Nice was the only Ultra who came to Earth, hailing from planet TOY-1. In this universe, the other continuities are TV shows.

Cosmos Universe

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The continuity of the Ultraman Cosmos series. CosmosJustice, and their fusion Legend are the only Ultras seen in this universe. The origins of Cosmos and Justice are unknown, however dialogue in the third movie implies they were originally Ultraman Legend who for an unknown reason split into the two Ultras.

Dark Fantasy Universe

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An alternate universe with similar events to those from Ultra Q and devoid of Ultras entirely. In this universe Ultra Q is seen as a television series.

Ultra N Project Universe

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The continuity where in the Ultraman Nexus series and the Ultraman the Next movie takes place. An alien race attempted to clone Ultraman Noa in order to create their own protector, and their attempt resulted in the creation of the dark Ultra Dark Zagi. Noa pursued Zagi, fighting him and his minions, and eventually defeated him on Earth.

Superior 8 Ultra Brothers Universe

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A continuity where Ultraman seemed to only be an old TV series. An evil on this universe’s Earth summoned Ultraman Mebius of the Showa universe and various monsters to the planet. Daigo, Asuka, and Gamu gain the power to become Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia, respectively. Ultraman, Seven, Jack, and Ace also exist on this Earth in their human forms. The movie implies that the Ultra brothers were aliens from M78 who inspired the Ultraman TV series but forgot their true natures as they lived human lives.

Another Genesis Universe

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An alternate Showa continuity. The physical appearances of Ultras in this universe differ from the typical red and silver humanoid Ultras of other universes. A number of Another Genesis Ultras have human-like features such as hair on their heads. A few have a mythical appearance, for example Ultraman Jack resembles a centaur. The Ultras of this universe are mainly referred to as 'Giants' or 'Supermen'.

Another Space Universe

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The universe where Ultraman Zero traveled to in order to face Kaiser Belial. It is the home to Mirror Knight, Glen Fire, and the people of Planet Esmeralda. Ultraman Noa from the Ultra N Project Universe makes an appearance in this universe as well.

Future Earth Universe

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The continuity where the Zero, Cosmos, and Dyna of their respective universes fought the Alien Bat and Hyper Zetton.

Dark Spark War Universe

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An alternate universe where the story's main element takes place after the Dark Spark War.

Ultra Flare Universe

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An alternate universe where Ultras never existed but retains the Spark Dolls concept from preceding series. However, the creation of Ultra Flare which also turned Spark Dolls into rampaging monsters had set the motion of this series.

Ultra Fusion Universe

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An alternate universe where Ultras has existed in this universe to fight against King Demon Beasts and seal them with using the power of Ultra Fusion Cards.