Core Module
Core Module
Length: 10m
Width: 8m
Seats up to: 3 people
Max Speed: Mach 3
Type: Fighter Jet
Mecha Component
Affiliation SRC

The Core Module (コアモジュール Koa Moduru?) is a small jet which becomes the main component for almost all of SRC/Team EYES Mecha.

A silver version of it called Core Module SS (コアモジュール SS Koa Moduru SS?) (SS stands for single seater) ride by Musashi in episode 1 of Ultraman Cosmos before his recruition into EYES but later destroyed by Chaos Lidorias.

List of Core Module combinations


  • The Core Module is based on the Core Block System from the Gundam franchise, where a single fighter jet is the main component of a mecha. Said fighter jet can also escape the battle should they find themselves weakened.

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