Cosmo Pluck
Cosmo Pluck
User(s): Musashi Haruno
First Appearance: Ultraman Cosmos Episode 2: "Chaos Header's Shadow"
Status: Still in use

The Cosmo Pluck (コスモスプラク Kosumosu Puraku?) is a transformation item used by Musashi Haruno to transform into Ultraman Cosmos.


Before becoming the Cosmo Pluck, the device took the form of the Pyroxene stone (Cosmos stone), a stone given to Musashi when he was a child by the blue giant himself. The purpose of the stone was the same as the Star of Ultra gem seen in Ultraman Tiga, to summon it's Ultra owner from whatever part of the universe.

Musashi kept it as a child and as he grew up taking care of tame monsters he used it to bond and calm down the monster Lidorias. When she was taken over by the Chaos Header Virus, Musashi tried to use it to calm her down and initially succeeded but she was attacked by the SHARKS and reverted to her mutated state. Musashi's plane was shot down, but Cosmos, sensing the danger swooped down from space and merged with him.

After Musashi showed his resolve to save the monsters, the stone morphed into the Cosmos Pluck allowing him to transform at will (so long as Cosmos allows it).


When it was still the gem, when Musashi first summoned Cosmos, he was shown like blooming from a flower then Cosmos just stands up. When it was already the Cosmo Pluck, Musashi raises the Cosmo Pluck and shouts "COSMOS!" and a flash of light envelops Musashi and transforms him into Cosmos's default form of Luna mode. At times Musashi has just used it in a similar fashion to the Beta Capsule without shouting. Other times Musashi has transformed without saying a word but the word Cosmos could still be heard, implying he was saying it in his mind or it was there to be cinematic.



  • It is the first transformation item to have multiple forms, the Cosmo Pluck and the stone.
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