Crisis Impact
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Conflict: Ultraman Belial vs Space Garrison members
Outcome: Belial triggers a chain reaction that would destroy the entire universe.
Casualties: Multiple untold casualties

Crisis Impact (クライシス・インパクト Kuraishisu Inpakuto?) was an apocalyptic incident that happened six years before the start of Ultraman Geed.


Ultraman Geed

Sometime after regaining the Giga Battle Nizer, Belial fought against the Ultra Warriors in a heated battle that held the fate of entire universe at stake. In the midst of the battle, Ultraman Hikari created the Ultra Capsules to contain the Ultra Warrior's powers. After defeating Zero, Belial summoned the Super-dimensional Eradication Bomb and triggers a huge explosion.

The great explosion created a black hole that consumed the entire universe. At the verge of getting destroyed, Ultraman King arrived and reverse the damage caused by Belial earlier on. King merged with the universe ever since but was left unresponsive. What happened to Belial and the Ultra Warriors were unknown but this event was remembered by the people of revived Planet Earth as Crisis Impact.

The Ultra Warriors became a popular legend, seemingly faded from existence and records on Earth regarding the incident mysteriously lost. It is also known that many of the Earth inhabitants were led to believe Crisis Impact as a meteor shower until a recent discovery of Belial's caricature in a destroyed city. On the Land of Light, the Ultra Capsules were stolen, forcing Zero to visit Earth and investigate the matters.


Pre-Crisis Impact (conflict)

Crisis Impact

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