"The Universe was almost destroyed once. The one who saved it was an old guy named Ultraman King. The Universe was like your body, on the verge of death. We Ultramen can fuse our bodies with someone to heal them. But the whole Universe... It was just too big. It wasn't destroyed, but Old Man King is now dispersed throughout the entire cosmos. You can call out to him, but there's no response."

―Zero as he recounted the events of Crisis Impact.
Crisis Impact
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Conflict: Ultraman Belial vs Space Garrison members. (prelude)
Outcome: Belial triggers a chain reaction that would destroy the entire universe.
Ultraman King restores the universe, but became unconscious afterwards.
Casualties: Multiple untold casualties, all were restored afterwards.

Crisis Impact (クライシス・インパクト Kuraishisu Inpakuto?) was an apocalyptic incident that happened six years before the start of Ultraman Geed.


Ultraman Geed

Sometime after regaining the Giga Battle Nizer, Belial fought against the Ultra Warriors in a heated battle that held the fate of entire universe at stake. In the midst of the battle, Ultraman Hikari created the Ultra Capsules to contain the Ultra Warrior's powers. After defeating Zero, Belial summoned the Super-dimensional Eradication Bomb and triggers a huge explosion, destroying Earth in the process.

The great explosion created a black hole that consumed the entire universe. At the verge of getting destroyed, Ultraman King arrived and reverse the damage caused by Belial earlier on. King merged with the universe ever since but was left unresponsive. What happened to Belial and the Ultra Warriors were unknown but this event was remembered by the people of revived Planet Earth as Crisis Impact.


Absent from Earth for many years, The Ultra Warriors became a popular legend, with records of their existence being mysteriously lost and the memories of them slowly fading from the collective consciousness of humanity. It is also known that many of Earth's inhabitants were led to believe Crisis Impact as a meteor shower until a recent discovery of Belial's caricature within an unearthened record.

Other races across the universe appeared to have knowledge of Crisis Impact despite the efforts of Ultraman King. In hopes of restoring the order that Belial destroyed, aliens of multiple races had founded AIB and station themselves on Earth. Kuruto, an Alien Shadow, revealed that his kind had started to explore the universe in search of a replacement planet, as the damage that Planet Shadow suffered during Crisis Impact terrified the Alien Shadow, who feared that the event would happen again.

Despite humanity largely forgetting about them, the Ultras had also survived the destruction and reconstruction of the Universe. On the Land of Light, Hikari's Ultra Capsules were stolen, forcing Zero to visit Earth and investigate the matters. Meanwhile, on Earth, another Ultra had been already living on the planet for several years. Unaware of his actual self, the disguised Ultra would soon become the Earth's latest defender...


Pre-Crisis Impact (conflict)

Crisis Impact


  • A popular theory among fans is that the Crisis Impact and King's restoration has caused the M78's Earth to be rebooted. This is most likely due to director Koichi Sakamoto referring the Earth in Geed continuity is the same as those from Ultra Brothers' and Mebius' eras.
  • Despite the existence of Belial's battle with the Ultra Warriors, the term Crisis Impact refers to the gigantic explosion itself, taking place in aftermath of the battle.
  • The Crisis Impact is based on the Unicron Singularity (ja:Grand Black Hole) from Transformers Cybertron (ja:Transformers Galaxy Force), most tellingly from its English adaptation. As shown, the destruction of a celestial body (Unicron's sun prison and Earth) caused the creation of a black hole that consumed other planets in existence before they were erased by godlike figures (Primus and Ultraman King).
  • It is believed that Belial's attack on the entire universe wasn't his deed alone, as Zero mentioned, he did have an army during the invasion on Alien Shadow's home world. Zena admitted that the initial reason he joined AIB was to restore Planet Shadow's glory, further confirming this theory.

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