"In the 21st century, natural disasters around the world have yet to cease. And now, monsters, which were thought to have been figments of the imagination, have appeared. To counter this threat, the United Nations created the UDF, the United Defense Federation. Their most elite counter-monster team is DASH."

―Narrator, Ultraman Max
Ultrmn Mx DASH
Members: Shigeru Hijikata, Kaito Touma, Mizuki Koishikawa, Elly, Sean White, Kenjiro Koba
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DASH (Defense Action Squad Heroes) is an earth defense organization during the Ultraman Max timeline. It is the branch of the earth defense organization called UDF, United Defense Force, which had DASH branches all over the world.


Ultraman Max

DASH symbol

DASH logo

DASH was created in the 21st century due to man made pollution and wars affecting the Earth's environment (Global Warming). These resulted in an increase of natural disasters and finally saw the appearance of giant monsters which previously only existed in works of fiction. DASH'S duties were to defeat these creatures, act as rescue workers in disasters and defend the Earth from Alien invasion


  • Captain Shigeru Hijikata: The Captain of DASH.
  • Kenjiro Koba: The marksman and sharpshooter of DASH.
  • Mizuki Koishikawa: The ace pilot and token female member. She is Kaito Touma's lover.
  • Sean White: The team scientist. He was transported from DASH North America branch.
  • Elly: The robot operator (android) of DASH. She learns human behavior and once wished to become a human. She even cried in Episode 16 and in the final episode. During the series she shows a growing interest in Kenjiro Koba, even admitting at a certain point during the series that she likes him.
  • Kaito Touma: The team's latest recruit. After he lost his parents during an earthquake while he was traveling, he resolved to do his best to protect others, so that no one would experience the loss he did. In order to do this he tried joining DASH, but failed the test the first time. He was saved by Ultraman Max from a certain death and was given the Max Spark, so that he could transform whenever needs arose.

Armaments and Equipment

  • Dash Suit: DASH's uniform, is made from nano poylmer fibres. It offers excellent balistics protection and cold insulation.
  • Met Dash: Helmets worn by DASH members, they have satelite phones and are built from high density carbon. They have other built-in communication technology and are bulletproof. An oxygen mask can also be installed.
  • Dash Pad: Communications equipement shaped like a flip style mobile phone, they can also analyse things such as monsters, material and listen to music.
  • ID: The UDF allows DASH member to have Extra-judicial powers in times of need.
  • Dash Riser:A mulitpurpose laser gun, it is the size o a 45. caliber hand gun. Other modes are, the Para Gun which stuns targets, the cylinder can be replaced for a mulitude of effects. It is charged in its holster and kept at full charge.
  • Dillinger Dash: A beam cannon developed by Sean, the cartridge can be swapped for a mulitude of effects each with the power of an anti-tank gun
  • Metamorphic Beam: Develop by Prf. Date, it was used to turn Dark Baltan back into his original form.


  • DASH Alpha: The Alfa Romeo car that can fly with the iron wings. It's also can help Ultraman Max fighting his enemy.
  • DASH Mother: The red painted plane of DASH. Is the primary weapon for DASH. DASH Birds 1 and 2 can be launched from it.
  • DASH Bird 1: A red painted jet.
  • DASH Bird 2: A blue painted jet.
  • DASH Bird 3: A yellow painted jet.
  • DASH Bird β: A black painted jet.


Base Titan

Base Titan

  • Base Poseidon: A UDF base in the south pacific, it specialises in marine research, resources and the study of the Earth's Crust.
  • Base Titan: A UDF base in the middle of Tokyo, there are several Base Titans all over the world. This one is where the main characters deploy.
  • UDF Satelite Lab: This is were Hop Hop was kept for study. Destroy when the monster broke free.
  • UDF Hanger: Near Tokyo Bay, it is a back up in case Base Titan is destroyed.
  • Space Station Tiga: Mention in episode 18, communications were cut of by Alien Shama.


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