Daisuke Hirakawa
Daisuke Hirakawa
Born: June 4, 1973, Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Occupation: Voice actor
Years active: 1997 – present
Website: Ameblo

Daisuke Hirakawa (平川 大輔 Hirakawa Daisuke?) is a voice actor.


Other roles

  • Gankutsuou - Voice of Baron Franz d'Épinay
  • Transformers: Galaxy Force - Voice of Excellion, Exigeyser
  • Otogi-Jushi Akazukin - Voice of Hansel
  • Chocotto Sister - Voice of Haruma Kawagoe
  • School Days - Voice of Makoto Ito
  • Itazura na Kiss - Voice of Naoki Irie
  • Omamori Himari - Voice of Yūto Amakawa
  • Free! Eternal Summer - Voice of Rei Ryugazaki
  • The Lord of the Rings - Voice dub of Legolas
  • Ao Haru Ride - Voice of Yōichi Tanaka

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