Daisuke Misaki
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Hero: Glen Fire
Gender: Male
Type: Hero
Home world: Earth
First Appearance: Ultraman Legend Stage 2014
Affiliation N/a
Portrayed by Tomokazu Seki

Daisuke Misaki (岬 大助 Misaki Daisuke?) is a geologist that appeared in the stage show Ultraman Legend Stage 2014.


Ultraman Legend Stage 2014

Glen Fire was called to Earth after Alien Valky tricks him into believing that Hikaru Raido/Ultraman Ginga is an invader. After bonding with geologist Daisuke Misaki, Glen Fire tries to attack Hikaru but soon realised the whole trick as the two join forces in fighting against Dark Lugiel's resurrected monster army. In said battle, he was also accompanied by Ultraman Zero.



  • He shares the same name with the Fireman protagonist, though their names are one kanji different (岬 大 to 岬 大).
  • His actor, Tomokazu Seki is also the voice actor of Glen Fire and Alien Icarus, both appeared in this stage show. It is also worth noting that the entire story is directed and written by Tomokazu himself.
  • He is also based on Shin Moroboshi from Ultraman Premier 2011, the human form of Ultraman Zero. In fact in the Tokyo performance, he is portrayed the voice actor Mamoru Miyano himself.


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