Home world: Planet Cygnus
First appearance: The☆Ultraman Episode 36
Latest appearance: None
Height: 139 m
Weight: 102,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Alien Noa (master)
Roar(s): TBA

Darantulas was a monster that appeared in The☆Ultraman.

Subtitle: Freezing Monster (氷結怪獣)


A blizzard had hit the Japanese countryside for an extended period of time with temperatures becoming so low that people started to become frozen solid even in their own trucks. The Scientific Defense Guard decided to investigate the weather phenomenon upon hearing reports of a snow woman. During the investigation Choichi heard something from the nearby wilderness and followed it to a chasm. From that chasm emerged a giant spider-like alien named Darantulas. Before Darantulas could kill Choichi a wolf showed him an entrance to an ice cave where he escaped and found a flying saucer stuck in the ice. Choichi was lead into the saucer by the wolf and met the mysterious snow woman in the reports. It was then that she explained to Choichi that Darantulas was an out of control laboratory experiment originally designed to regulate the temperatures of the desert world of Cygnus. Darantulas went out of control and killed her father, but not before telling her that Darantulas could be defeated if she for an Ultraman to stop the monster. Just Choichi agreed to help her, Darantulas attacked with the Scientific Defense Guard arriving on the scene to fight it. After the Scientific Defense Guard was overwhelmed, Choichi turned into Ultraman Joneus to fight Darantulas. Despite Draantulas being able to overwhelm Joneus with its freezing powers, once the sun was out the hero was able to replenish his energy with a device the snow woman gave him and soon managed to get the upper hand on the giant flying spider. After Joneus executed a powerful toss he finished Darantulas with the Planium Beam.


  • Darantulas uses the roar of the Toho monster Ebirah.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Darantulas can fly at high speeds.
  • Spear Legs: Darantulas has eight spear-like legs.
  • Ice Mist: Darantulas can spray ice from its mouth with enough force to create a small blizzard.
  • Ice Beam: Darantulas can fire an ice beam from its mouth strong enough to freeze missiles in mid-flight.
  • Energy Resistance: Darantulas's low body temperature gives it a high resistance to energy based attacks as strong as the Planium Beam.
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