DarkKiller Zoffy is an evil clone of Zoffy that appeared in the pachinko game,

DarkKiller Zoffy
UltramanZoffy DarkKiller
Human Host/Form: N/A
Height: 40 meters
Weight: TBA
Age: TBA
Home world: Unknown
Voice actor(s): TBA
Suit actor(s): N/A
First Appearance: Ultraman Taro: Revenge of the Dark
Last Appearance: Ultraman Taro: Revenge of the Dark
Number of Appearances: 1
Race: Clone Ultra
Status: Returned to his original form
Family: Unkown
Affiliation: Darkkiller
Ultraman Taro: Revenge of the Dark.

History Edit

DarkKiller Zoffy is one of the evil clone Ultras Ultraman Taro faces in the game. He was defeated by Taro in battle.

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