Dark Spark
DX Dark Spark open part 2
User(s): Dark Lugiel
First Appearance: Ultraman Ginga Episode 1
Status: Destroyed

Dark Spark (ダークスパーク Daku Spaku?) is the dark counterpart of the Ginga Spark wielded by the main antagonist of Ultraman Ginga, Dark Lugiel. It is said to be an object of Legend in the Land of Light by Ultraman Taro, who described it as having the power to "halt the progress of living beings" as represented in its power to turn beings into Spark Dolls. The face of Dark Lugiel when the crystal is raised.


Its origins are unknown, what is known is that it was used by a silhoueted being to turn every monster, alien and Ultra into a Spark Doll by the villain of the series. It was also used by this villain in battle against the Ginga Spark and its owner Ultraman Ginga, who was defeated. Afterwards it was used for the bases of the inferior Dark Dummy Sparks which were handed out to Earthlings along with Spark Dolls by either Alien Valky, Alien Icarus, or Alien Nackle, servants of the Darkness Spark's Owner.

At the end when Dark Lugiel was revived and battled Ultraman Ginga, the two transformed their devices into lances and continued their battle on the moon. However the battle ended with Lugiel's defeat and the Dark Spark subsequently turned to dust.

Powers and Abilities

  • Spark Doll Transformation: The Dark Spark is famous for it power to transform any being, be they alien, monster or even Ultra, into a Spark Doll
  • DarkLive: Like the Ginga and Dark Dummy Sparks, the Dark Spark can UltraLive with presumably any Spark Doll. However the Dark Spark's version of this is called DarkLive and it turns the doll used into that being's dark form (if they have one).
  • Dark Dummy Sparks: The Dark Spark has some unknown relation to the Dark Dummy Spark, which are pale imitations to it. When one is active the red stone on it can be seen glowing. Presumably they all come from the Dark Spark. When a Dark Dummy Spark is used, the darkness (minus energy) of the user goes to feed Dark Lugiel's power.
  • Possession: The Dark Spark can take control of a person that takes hold of it.
  • Dark Spark Lance:The Dark Spark can change into a dark energy trident.
  • Dark Energy Beam(Name Unknown):The Dark Spark can fire a dark energy beam.



  • Voice actor: Yoshihisa Kawahara
  • The Dark Spark is similar to the DienDriver used by Kamen Rider Diend and the Rapparatta used by Basco ta Jolokia which abilities to transform or summon any beings from their respective collectibles.
  • It shares its name with an object from the video game Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark.
    • Coincidentally, the other Dark Spark is an object of Cybertronian legend, and is said to be the opposite to the Matrix of Leadership.
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