Dark Ultraman
Ultraman Dark
Human Host/Form: Unnamed Man
Height: 45 meters
Weight: 45,000 tones
Age: 70,000 years
Home world: None
Voice actor(s): None
Suit actor(s): None
First Appearance: Ultraman Millenium Live Show (In Bangkok, Thailand)
Last Appearance: None
Number of Appearances: N/A (various stage shows)
Race: Ultras
Status: N/A
Family: None
Affiliation: None

Dark Ultraman was one of the three unofficial Ultramen created by Chaiyo Productions of Thailand as part of the project named Project Ultraman. He was going to be an evil Ultraman to appear in Ultraman Millenium's show.

Human Host

Ray Macdonald Dark
Dark's Host was going to be a man played by Ray McDonald. His host would transform using a dark device similar in appearance and function to the Beta Capsule.


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