Dark Evolver
User(s): Shinya Mizorogi
Hiroyuki Misawa
First Appearance: Ultraman Nexus Episode 12: "Separation - Lost Soul -"
Status: Inactive

The dark equivalent to the Evoltruster, while its light counterpart resembles a cross between a wand and a dagger, this artifact resembles a dark wand with crystal on both ends and one in the middle. It is a dark transformation item use by Shinya Mizorogi and Hiroyuki Misawa to transform to Dark Mephisto and Zwei.

How To Use

Mizorogi holds the Darkevolver in front of him and pulls it open. The central stone shines a purple light that covers his body. The transformation scene is an image of Mizorogi's face covered in purple light, the image cracks and Mephisto pops out with a purple light behind him. When he was fighting for good the light behind Mephisto was yellow.

Powers and Abilities

  • Transformation: Mizorogi and Misawa would pull the device open and a dark light would shine from the middle crystal, transforming into their Ultra Forms respectively.
  • Barrier: Mizorogi can erect a barrier with this device, it represents a purple pool of water.
  • Energy Blasts: Mizorogi can shoot energy blast from said device. He can fire three energy blasts while levitating in mid-air.



  • The Darkevolver is the second transformation item used by an evil Ultra, followed by Camearra's Spark Lens. However, it still holds the record as the first one to be sold as a toy.
  • According to the producers, whereas the Evoltruster is based on a sword and scabbard, the Darkevolver had its design based on Naginata.
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