Dazzlba 2
Home world: Cyber Space
First appearance: Gridman episode 21: "Execute! The Dream Hero"
Latest appearance: None
Height: TBA
Weight: TBA
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Affiliation: None
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Dazzlba (ダズルバ, Dazuruba) is a monster that appeared in episode 21 of Denkou Choujin Gridman.

Subtitle: Hallucination Monster (幻覚怪獣, Genkaku Kaijū)


  • Height: N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Origin: Cyber Space


Takeshi had awoken from a nightmare about Gridman; he then saw an advert for a new electronic pillow and implanted Dazzlba into the device so others would suffer from nightmares too. Coincidentally, the gang's families all purchased these pillows and were thrust into a dream world. In the dream world, they were greeted by clowns handling out flyers announcing the execution of Gridman! Meanwhile, the real Gridman was able to awaken the trio from their dream state and combat Dazzlba. With help of Dragon Fortress, Dazzlba was destroyed by Gridman's Grid Beam.

Powers and Abilities

  • Tendrils: Instead of arms, Dazzlba has long, spike covered tendrils used to whip and strangle foes.
  • Disorienting Waves: From his mouth, Dazzlba can emit a disorienting wave.
  • Electric Beam: From his cranial horn, Dazzlba can shoot an electrical beam.

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