Home world: Black Star
First appearance: Ultraman Leo episode 43 "Challenge!The Terror of Blood-sucking Saucer"
Latest appearance: None
Height: 0.2 ~ 110 m
Weight: 2 kg ~  16,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Black Directive (master)
Roar(s): TBA

Deemos (デモス Demosu?) was the fourth Saucer Creature the appeared in Ultraman Leo Episode 43.

Subtitle: Organic Saucer (円盤生物 Enban Seibutsu?)


Ultraman Leo

After Absorba was killed by Leo, Black Directive called upon his fourth Saucer Kaiju, the blooding-sucking Deemos. The monster quickly surged through space from its home planet and headed to Earth, transforming into its small form instantly, quickly ambushing two people and draining them completely of blood.

The vampire monster continued its evil search for fresh blood throughout the night, leaving the police department wondering about the cause. Knowing Gen was a former MAC member, the police contacted him with the rash of deaths. Knowing it had to be another one of Black Directive's pets, he arrived to help with the search, not knowing that the vampire monster was still lurking in the area, in fact, hiding inside very building the investigation was taking place in.

Meanwhile,the hero was confronted by a mysterious man telling him of a creature named "Deemos" but the man refused to explain much at all and tried to flee. When Gen caught up to the man,he had no memory of the event at all. He realized this man was somehow controlled by Black Directive and learned something shocking: he knew Gen's true identity.

Later, after being attacked by the police, Deemos and its scouts reformed into its true form. Deemos killed several police with its acid, then attacked the city. When Gen transformed Ultraman Leo to face the beast, it was consuming a skyscraper. After Leo saved the remnants of the skyscraper, the enraged monster attacked him, but the was too fast. He grabbed the monster, throwing it at the ground and pummeling it.

While Deemos managed to grab Leo by the neck and throw him off, he was ultimately no match for the hero. Leo, out of range of the beast's acid, stunned it with the Leo Flash then leapt into the air and blew Deemos up with his Dark Shooter. Even though Deemos' parts were still alive and tried to escape, they were already ablaze and burned to death, ending the terror of the vampire monster forever. With Deemos' death, Gen was able to return to his friends.





  • Height: 0.2 ~ 110 m
  • Weight: 2 kg ~ 16,000 t
  • Origin: Black Star

Powers and Weapons

  • Flight: In order for him to fly trough space, Deemos can transform into a spider-like saucer form. He can hover and fly through the air at will.
  • Tentacles: Deemos has seven tentacles that can be used to bash and throw enemies.
  • Recombine: Deemos can recombine with Deemos Q to change it's size.
  • Acid Spray: Deemos can spit acid from his mouth that can dissolve a human instantly.
  • Consume: In combination with his acid, Deemos can eat entire buildings.
  • Piece Life: If blown into pieces, Deemos' pieces can remain alive for a short period of time.
  • Deemos Q: Deemos can summon smaller versions of his saucer forms for feeding on humans.

Deemos Q

Three Deemos Q attached to Deemos

Deemos Q (デモス Q Demosu Q?) were Deemos' small saucer minions that were sent to feed on human blood. Three appeared hiding in a kid's bedroom, a toy shop and a sandpit park.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Black Star

Powers and Weapons

  • Flight: Deemos Q can manuever an anti-gravity flight.
  • Blood Consumption: Deemos Q can completely drain a human's blood in seconds to feed for Deemos grow in size.
  • Recombine: Deemos Q can recombine with Deemos once their mission is accomplished.



Ultraman Leo vs03:17

Ultraman Leo vs. Deemos

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