Demon Star
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First appearance: Jumborg Ace episode 16: "Mystery! Witch Monster Arrives?"
Latest appearance: Jumborg Ace episode 21: "Horror! The Monster Graveyard in Space"
Height: 53m
Weight: 40, 000 t
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Affiliation: Mad Go-Ne
Roar(s): TBA

Demon Star (デモンスター Demonsutā?) is one of the kaiju created by Mad Go-Ne in episode 16 of Jumborg Ace: "Mystery! Witch Monster Arrives?" .

Subtitle: Witch Monster (魔女怪獣 Majo Kaijū?)


Height: 53 meters

Weight: 40,000 t

Origin: Space


Jumborg Ace:


Demon Star was created by the Alien Gross to stop people from getting close to their base under construction in the witch valley of Kiso.


Jum A vs ghost mons corps

Jumborg Ace vs Demon Star and Antron

Demon Star was later revived by Wutan as part of the Ghost Monster Corps (亡霊怪獣軍団 Bōrei Kaijū Gundan?) along with Antron, King Jaigras and Dokuros King to keep Jumborg Ace busy while he rampaged on Earth. She appeared together with Ghost Antron but was killed when Jumborg Ace rammed both of them into Ghost Dokuros King.


  • Design: Yoshiaki Yoneya
  • Design motif is a ladybird lizard.

Powers and Abilities

  • Missiles: Demon Star can fire missile like fireballs that fired on her mouth.
  • Destruction Ray:
  • Hallucination Brain Waves:


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