Home world: Unknown
First appearance: Ultraman Festival 2015
Latest appearance: None
Height: N/a
Weight: N/a
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
Roar(s): N/a

Denpagon (デンパゴン Denpagon?) is a fan-created Kaiju that was designed in the 2015 Televi-Magazine alongside Skedon.

Subtitle: Electricity Monster (操電怪獣 Misao-den Kaijū?)


Ultraman Festival 2015

It was featured in Ultraman Festival 2015, being the first place winner and being replicated into a Cyber Card, creating the Cyber Kaiju Cyber Denpagon (サイバーデンパゴン Saibā Denpagon?). His card was later utilized by Ultraman X, whom put its use as Denpagon Armor (デンパゴンアーマー Denpagon Āmā?).


  • Denpagon Armor's driller was reused alongside a modified costume of Baltan Battler Barel to create Cyber Mecha Baltan in Ultraman Festival 2016.


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