Destro Zaurus
Home world: Prima star
First appearance: Fireman Episode 22
Latest appearance: none
Height: 54m
Weight: 44,000 tons
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Destrosaurous is a space kaiju that appeared in Fireman he appeared in Episode 22.

Subtitle: Carnivorous Monster (肉食怪獣 Nikushoku kaijū?)


Destrosaurous was said to be some sort of dinosaur when it turned loose Fireman came in and fought the monster. After being wounded Destrosaurous disappeared back into the ocean and was thought never to be seen again. When Destrosaurous came back again Fireman came back and was ready for round two this time with a plan when Fireman wounded Destrosaurous again fireman finished him off, ending the fight for good.

Powers and Abilities

  • Poison Gas: Destrosaurus can fire poison gas from its mouth.
  • Flame Heat Rays: Destrosaurus can fire deadly flame rays from its mouth.

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