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Devils from the Crypts
Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, Episode 7

9 (Japanese lineup)

Air date July 23, 1994 (Direct-to-Video)

July 3, 1995 (airing)

Written by Hiroshi Yamaguchi
Directed by King Wilder
Viewer Ratings 5.5%
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Devils from the Crypts is the 7th episode of Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


A pair of college students, spelunking in a cave discover a mysterious capsule at the bottom of a pit. Meanwhile, the Department of Water and Power calls in WINR when they discover a similar object that has washed up in a drainage ditch after a flood. Beck is excited at the prospect of discovering such an ancient object, but when WINR calls in Doctor Whitaker, an expert in ancient civilizations and Beck's old mentor to assist them, her enthusiasm quickly fades. It seems that Whitaker and Beck had a falling out years ago when she decided to join WINR rather than pursue a career as a scientist. Their investigation reveals that the capsule WINR found is one of two prisons built millennia ago to contain a pair of legendary monsters called Aboras and Banila. Meanwhile, the students who discovered the other capsule take some photos which they plan to publish in their college newspaper. However, the light from the camera's flash activates a release mechanism in the capsule and Aboras is freed. Beck and Whitaker realize their mistake in attempting to open the capsule and join up with WINR in tracking Aboras and Banilla as they head for an inevitable confrontation in the city. When the monsters face off in the college football stadium, Kai notices the two students, still chasing their story, put in mortal danger by the presence of the two creatures. He must call upon Ultraman Powered once again to vanquish the creatures and save the students. During the battle, WINR used a special machine to emit 23,000 herts, greatly weakening both devil kaiju and allowed Powered to destroy Aboras and then Banila with the Mega Specium Ray.


WINR (Worldwide Investigation Network Response team)

Guest Stars

  • Jason Todd Majik
  • Catherine Nagan
  • John G. Hertzler
  • Steve Monarque
  • Shano Palovich




  • This episode is sometimes referred as "Tails from the Crypts"
  • This is the only series in which Banila fought an Ultra.
  • The Episode was released as the 9th instead of the production order's 7.

Continuity Errors

  • Despite his color time flashing red, Powered's color timer & eyes remained blue in several shots before he uses his Mega Specium Ray.

Video releases


  • Ultraman Powered Vol.5 features Episode 8 & 9. (Release Date: June 23, 1994)

LD (Laserdisc)

  • Ultraman Powered Vol.5 features Episodes 8 & 9. (Release Date: August 25, 1994)


  • Ultraman Powered BLU-RAY BOX features all digitally remastered Episodes. (Release Date: March 24, 2017)

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