Dimetrodon vs Human

The Dimetrodon (ディメトロドン, Dimetorodon?) where common dinosaurs in the series, Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon.

Subtitle: Murder Dinosaur (殺人恐竜, Satsujin Kyōryū?)


  • Height: Varies with each one.
  • Weight: Varies with each one.


Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon

When the evil aliens came to Prehistoric Earth, they needed foot soldiers, and what better warriors than Dinosaurs? The Dimetrodon was one of the first to get possessed by the alien mind control, and it wasn't until the interferance of Red Warrior Koseidon, did the sail backed dinosaur return to normal.

Many other Dimetrodons where seen throughout the series, and during the series finale where a meteor was plumeting to earth, killing all the prehistoric animals.


  • The Dimetrodon suit is one of the many new suits created for Koseidon.
  • Despite being labeled as a Dinosaur, the Dimetrodon is actually more related to Mammals.
  • Dimetrodon existed way before the time of Dinosaurs.

Powers and Weapons



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