Dino Might
Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, Episode 11
Ultrmn pwrd vs Gmra
Air date 06/17/1995
Directed by TBA
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Deadly Starfish
Falling Stars Spell Trouble

Dino Might is the 11th episode from Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


A noted scientist, Dr. Nagana, returns from Tibet with what could be the greatest scientific discovery of the twentieth century a perfectly preserved Gomorasaurus. As in Jurassic Park, the scientists and WINR team speculate on the possibility of bringing the million-year-old creature back to life. One night, during a fierce electrical storm, that exact thing happens. Now WINR must discover a way to stop the creature, without destroying it, before it stomps the city to rubble. After a short and rather flimsy battle against Ultraman Powered, Gomora eventually dies from dehydration. Afterwards, his body was put on display as a statue in a museum to be remembered.


WINR (Worldwide Investigation Network Response team)



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