Dinosaur 2
Home world: Planet Earth (Heisei Seven Universe)
First appearance: Heisei Ultraseven: NTV Specials: Ultraseven the Ground of the Earth Aliens


Latest appearance: None
Height: 41 m
Weight: 98,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Alien Metron (master)
Roar(s): TBA

Dinosaur (恐竜 Kyōryū?) is a dinosaur like creature created by the Alien Metron siblings. It first appeared in in Heisei Ultraseven: The Ground of the Earthlings.


  • Length: 41 m
  • Weight: 98,000 t
  • Origin: Kitagawa suburbs


Heisei Ultraseven

Created from ancient DNA, Alien Metron gathered the DNA of several extinct species to creat this creature. Standing as tall as a skyscraper, the beast soon came into contact with man. The mighty Dinosaur’s flesh was tough enough to withstand gun fire, but soon the Ultra Garrison dropped a freezing bomb onto it, coating it in ice.

The Dinosaur was immobile, but as night fell, alien lightning fell from the heavens, teleporting the reptilian behemoth away. Days later, as Alien Metron and Ultraseven battled with one another, the alien invader summoned the creature to do his bidding. Teaming up with Alien Metron, the Dinosaur pushed Ultraseven back.

The two killers seemed to have Ultraseven defeated, but as the titan stood on top of the land where the invader’s base was buried under, a wall of fire rose up. Destroyed by the Ultra Garrison, the Metron base exploded. Stuck in the center of the inferno, the Dinosaur was helpless as its entire body was blown to bits.


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