Dolphar 202
Length: 33m
Seats up to: 6 people
Max Speed: 114 or 69 knots (water)
Type: Submarine
Affiliation GUTS

Dolphar 202 (ドルファー202 Dorupha 202) is a small all-purpose six-seater submarine. In order to rescue General Sawai and other worldly leaders from Deshimonia, Dr. Yoshioka uses his experience as a former submariner to create the Dolphar 202. First appearance Episode 34.

A Dolphar was used by two men to investigate Lulu Island, however, it was destroyed by Zoiger. Keigo Masaki and Yuji Tango later boarded the submarine to revive Tiga but failed when Gatanothor interfered with their plan. Eventually though, Tiga was successfully revived by the light of children around the world and both men were still congratulated by Sawai for a good effort.


  • The number 202 means "Two Zero Two" not "Two Hundred and Two".