Home world: Unknown
First appearance: Andro Melos Episode 37 (1983)
Latest appearance: Andro Melos Episode 39 (1983)
Height: 61 m
Weight: 59,000 t
Category: Aliens
Affiliation: Guar Army
Roar(s): {{{Roar(s)}}}
Edoras (エドラス Edorasu) was a member of Guar Army that appeared in Andro Super Warriors. He is also that last of the Fighting Bem to appear in that series.

Subtitle: Fighting Bem (ファイティング・ベム Faitingu Bemu)


  • Height: 61 m
  • Weight: 59,000 t
  • Origin: Unknown


Andro Super Warriors

Sent by Juda, Edoras firstly disguise himself as Alien Epu Erupa to infiltrate the Andro Warriors until his cover was blown by the real Erupa. He managed Erupa, though the attack originally intended for Wolf but was later killed by Andro Mars.


Powers and Weapons

  • Shapeshifting: Edoras is capable of disguising himself as anyone he wished.
  • Sword: While in disguise of Erupa, his weapon is the same sword that the template used.
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