User(s): Genki Kagura
First Appearance: Ultraman Neos episode 1 "Neos's Birth"
Status: Deactivated (Genki and Neos separated)

The Estraller (エストレーラー Esutorērā) is a transformation device used by the human host of Ultraman Neos.


Neos personal device, the object was given to Genki when Neos, Zoffy and Seven 21 saved him from death in space. After which he was returned to Earth without memories of the event or the fact the device was hidden within him. During the battle with the first giant monster to appear in Japan, Genki was saved when Seven 21 seemingly paused time and the object appeared before him allowing him to transform into Neos.


Genki generally raises the object into the air and shouts 'Ultraman Neos', although the sound is sometimes heard as a sound effect as opposed to him actually speaking, in the final episode he only shouted "Neos". The device generates two rings of light and shines brightly while Genki's body begins to glow as the rings enlarge and surround his body.

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