Evil Ultraman Great
Ultraman Great Imit
Human Host/Form: Raptor
Height: 60 m (Presumed)
Weight: 58,000 t (Presumed)
Age: Unknown
Home world: Earth
Voice actor(s): N/A
Suit actor(s): N/A
First Appearance: Ultraman (Nemesis Comics) Issue 3
Last Appearance: Issue 4
Number of Appearances: 2
Race: Human (Mutated)
Status: Deceased
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Gudis

Evil Ultraman Great (イーヴィルウルトラマングレート Īviru Urutoraman Gurēto?) was a blue imitation of Ultraman Great created by Gudis to defeat the real Ultra. He only appeared in the comics from Nemesis Comics.


The result of Gudis (Who in comics was more active than the TV series) transforming the human thug known as Raptor into a blue version of Earth's defender Ultraman. After the Robex invasion, Raptor was one of the many criminals that escaped prison and terrorized the civilian population, coming into conflict with Ace Kitamura (Great's host), until being driven off.

He was then later, transformed into a monster by Gudis, before unexpectedly morphing into a blue replica of Ultraman Great. Raptor would go on to fight the real Ultraman several times, before being sealed away on an asteroid with Gudis by Ultraman.

Powers and Abilities

  • Evil Ultraman Great presumably had adequate strength to fight the real Ultraman and powers to counter his.
  • Energy Blasts: Evil Ultraman Great had the power to fire various forms of energy blasts much the real Ultraman.


  • Evil Ultraman Great is also known as the Blue Ultraman, due in part that in the comic Ultraman Great is simply referred to as Ultraman.
  • Evil Ultraman Great is perhaps the first instance of a blue Ultra, even though he may not truly be an Ultra.
  • Despite being a monster that morphed into a form similar to Ultraman's, Evil Great was plagued by the Time Limit and transformed to and from human form despite logic saying that should not be the case.
  • Evil Great's height and weight are listed as 'presumed' because they were never officially given and are drawn from the conclusion that Evil Great was also Great's height, and dialogue in the comics about scans, stated they had the same density.

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