Execution! The Five Ultra Brothers
Ultraman Ace, Episode 13
Air date 6/30/72
Screenplay by Shigemitsu Taguchi
Directed by Yasuo Yoshino
Special skill director Kazuo Sagawa
Viewer Ratings 18.0%
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The Red Flower Of Cactus Hell
The Five Stars that Scattered Throughout the Galaxy

Execution! The Five Ultra Brothers (死刑! ウルトラ5兄弟 Shikei! Urutora 5 kyōdai) is the 13th episode of Ultraman Ace.


Ace, and the four Ultra Brothers were sent to Planet Golgota by a fake Ultra Sign, where there were crosses prepared for them while Yapool summons his new Chouju Barabba to destroy the Earth Leaving TAC to battle the Chouju.




Guest Stars

  • Shoji (昭二 Shoji): Toshitaka Someya (染谷利貴 Someya Toshitaka)
  • Ichiro (一郎 Ichiro): Masahiko Nezu (根津雅彦 Nezu Masahiko)

Suit Actors

DVD Releases

  • Ultraman Ace Volume 4 features episodes 13-16.

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