Fake Ultras appear several times in the Ultra series.


Ultraman Leo

Alien Babalou appeared in the series as Imitation Ultras. To get his revenge on the Ultra Brothers, Alien Babalou disguised himself as Astra after capturing him, froze him in a block of ice, and abandoned him in the middle of space. Disguised as the Fake Astra, Babalou then stole the Ultra Key, a device that both maintained the Land of Light‘s orbit and was capable of destroying an entire planet in a single blast. Before he could escape, Fake Astra was confronted by Ultraman over taking the key. Despite being overpowered by Ultraman, Fake Astra escaped the planet, leaving the Ultra Brothers to believe Astra had betrayed them and worse, without the Ultra Key to keep their planet in orbit, the Land of Light was sent into a collusion course with Earth. Fake Astra made his way towards Earth, where he planned to use Leo’s trust in his brother to trick Gen into protecting him from the Ultra Brothers until it was too late to avert the collision. Once Gen and Dan found Fake Astra, the doppelganger pleads with Gen to save him from the other Ultras who were chasing him. Gen fell for his ruse. Dan however knew he was a fake and used his Ultra Will Power on him so the Ultra Key could be recovered by his brothers. Oblivious, Gen fought with the crippled Dan to protect his "brother" until Zoffy, Ultraman, Jack, and Ace arrived and overwhelmed Fake Astra.

After battling with Dan, Gen transformed to come to his "brother’s" aid, fending off the Ultra Brothers. Leo tried to talk some sense into Fake Astra, but with Earth slowly falling apart and with the Land of Light's collision nigh, Ultra Brothers had no choice by to fight Leo and Fake Astra to try to get the Ultra Key back. During the battle, Ultraman, Jack, and Ace fired weakened versions of their signature rays to end the battle quickly, but Fake Astra cowardly used Leo as a shield to protect himself. Leo took the brunt of the attacks and was badly wounded. With Leo out of action, Fake Astra prepared to use the Ultra Key’s devastating power against the Ultra Brothers and destroy them. Before he use the weapon, Ultraman King arrived to thwart the diabolical alien. He fired a beam of energy from his color timer, shattering the disguise and revealing Babalou’s true face.

Ultraman Hikari saga

Alien Babalou reappeared in the 3rd and final episode of the Ultraman Hikari Saga. As Ultraman Hikari was planning on returning to Earth, he received a distress signal from his old home planet of Aabu. Arriving on the planet, he was confronted by a being that looking identical to that of Ultraman Mebius. Noting that Mebius was still on earth, Hikari and the impostor battled on Aabu until the Impostor transformed into Hikari's old form, Tsurugi, taunting Hikari by proclaiming that as Tsurugi he was once more powerful by thriving on his vengeance against Bogal, but has since grown soft since being accustomed by humanity. The Fake Tsurugi then transformed into Alien Babalou and both alien and ultra battled.

Ultraman Mebius


Powers & Abilites

Powers demonstrated by Fake Astra

  • Flight: Imitation Astra can perform an anti-gravity flight.
  • Ultra Key: A sacred item that belongs to the Ultra Brothers in the Land of Light, Alien Babarue/Imitation Astra stole it before it was returned.
  • Electric Shock: Imitation Astra can produce an electric shock.

Powers demonstrated by Fake Mebius

  • Ultra Sign: Imit-Ultraman Mebius can create an Ultra Sign to sent messages.
  • Transformation: As Fake Mebius is Alien Babulou, he can transform into Alien Babulou back or transform into other Fake Ultras.
  • Mebium Shot: Fake Mebius can also fire a version of the Mebium Shot.

Powers demonstrated by Fake Hunter Knight Tsurugi

  • Flight: Imitation Tsurugi can perform an anti-gravity flight.
  • Knight Shot: Like Ultraman Hikari, Fake Hunter Knight Tsurugi can fire the Knight shot in a "plus" style.
  • Knight Blade: Fake Hunter Knight Tsurugi can summon a blade from his Knight Brace like Hikari. It appears to be of a mixture between pink and yellow in the Hikari Saga. However, it is blue in Mebius.


  • Knight Brace: As Fake Hunter Knight Tsurugi is the same as the real Hikari, he also possesses the Knight Brace.