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Yotandon is a kaijuu that has the look of a canidae -dog- creature with red pupils, yellow eyeballs and very thick dark blue skin allover his body except the abdomenal area where the muscles are uncovered for expansion after eating which makes it his vulnerable area. Yotandon very has low intellegence level but very vast belly that can hold a load as heavy as his own weight and probably more and can devour any thing fits in his moth. 

The devil dinosaur -Gottes- found him after searching for awhile. Yotandon was woundering in deep caves under the ground when he was chosen to serve the devil dinosaur, the big bellied kaiju cried because of the danger he's in. Gottes asked his female Zobina -the female demon dinosaur- to train the kaijuu while he prepares the equipment to attack humans. Zobina was in a phase of her life where she tries to live like human females so, she took the kaijuu but didn't do much but dancing around acting like human females where tha kaijuu was around watching and learning. All this was over the basement where Satoola was working on his plan to destroy Japan ot the "capital". The huge belly kaijuu starts to dance around reaking havoc upon Gottes.

After fenshing his work Gottes takes Yotandon downstairs for the plan. The plan was stuffing bombs as many bombs as the Yotanodon can  hold in his belly. Yotandon swallowed 100 bombs which was the whole amount Gottes made the sent him to the capital.

The swaying tired kaijuu stumbles around to reach the center of the city after the Aizenborg force commander ordering them not touch the kaijuu but to monitor his odd behavior, heavy weight and bulged belly. He lays down to rest after walking with so much weight avoiding the I-zenborg I and II. After moving a house to make it a pillow to sleep on, the person in that house was listening yo music with headset. The headset was cut off because of the tto loud snoring dinoasur. The Yotandon hears the music and remembers the lesson he learned from Zobina and starts dancing while the Aizenborg force are watching closely analyzing the data by the computer.

After dancing and jumping around with so much heavy load in his belly, the bomobs were stirred inside his stomach causing a reflux. At that moment the Yotandon started to hiccup and burb throwing the bombs here and there while the Aizenborg mecha directly transformed and started catching the bombs the kaijuu is throwing everywhere bombing Gottes and Zobina whoe were watching secretly.

After burping out almost 30 bombs the kaijuu accidently step on a car. Yotandon statred playing with the car as a skating shoe sliding over the place while the Aizenborg mecha watching doing nothing avoiding the gigantic explosion that may occur if he touches the kaijuu or just waiting to assure that the Yotandon is not carrying any more bombs.

After losing balance, the kaijuu slips down and one of the bombs explodes inside his belly causing a blood fountain coming from his mouth while holding his belly. Aizenborg mecha realizes the danger and left the Yotandon to throw him highl in the air to explode after burping one last bomb.

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