Fire Badon
Home world: Planet Earth (U40 Timeline)
First appearance: The☆Ultraman Episode 6
Latest appearance: None
Height: 80 m
Weight: 63,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
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Fire Badon (ファイヤバドン, Faiya Badon) was a kaiju that appeared in episode 6 of The Ultraman.

Subtitle: Lava Monster (溶岩怪獣, Yōgan Kaijū)}


  • Height: 80 m 
  • Weight: 63,000 t
  • Origin: A volcano beneath the Pacific Ocean



The Badon were prehistoric reptiles long thought to have been extinct until one day a member of their species named Fire Badon arose from the Pacific Ocean and decimated a nearby highway. The Scientific Defense Guard was called in to help secure a small fleet of boats in case the monster would show up. Shortly after going out to sea, the fleet was met with Fire Badon and the Scientific Defense Guard tried to fight back. The team successfully forced the monster to retreat to his home near an undersea volcano, but Fire Badon managed to escape. Once at the base, Pig unintentionally gave Hiroki an idea to hunt the monster inspired by eating grapes, planning that Fire Badon had so much energy that they destroy him by giving him more. Upon returning to the ocean floor, the Scientific Defense Guard quickly met Fire Badon and managed to launch a harpoon into the monster's abdomen. Angered by this, Fire Badon used his home terrain against his persuers and forced them to surface upon thinking he died. Just before Fire Badon could finish the unconscious crew, Choichi turned into Ultraman Joneus. Try as he did, Joneus was easily out maneuvered in both air and water by Fire Badon until he set his sights on the harpoon in the creature's abdomen. Once Joneus had a clear shot of the harpoon, he fired the Astro Beam, causing Fire Badon to explode after receiving the tremendous shock of electricity.

Powers and Weapons

  • Wings: Fire Badon has a special set of wings that allows him to move very fast through both the air and underwater.
  • Body Fire: Fire Badon can emit massive amounts of fire from his body strong enough to be emitted underwater that gives him a high body temperature, immunity to heat as high as his undersea volcano home, and can conceal himself in a giant fire ball.
  • Mouth Flames: Fire Badon can emit a stream of flames from his mouth that can be used even underwater.
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