Firemons 0
Home world: Planet Fire
First Appearance: Ultraman Ace episode 39 "The Life of Seven! The Life of Ace!"
Latest Appearance: None
Height: 64 m
Weight: 47,000 t
Category: Choju
Affiliation: Yapool (Possible Creator)
Alien Fire (Master)
Muruchi Roar

Firemons (ファイヤーモンス Faiyāmonsu) is a birdlike Choju, and the servant of Alien Fire.

Subtitle: Flame Super-beast (火炎超獣 Kaen Chōjū)


  • Height: 64 m
  • Weight: 47,000 t
  • Origin: Yapool's Dimension


Ultraman Ace


Ultraman Ace vs Firemons

While being chased by TAC, Alien Fire released the choju, Firemons. He ran amok, with little TAC could do to stop him. Eventually, Hokuto transformed into Ultraman Ace. The beast gave Ace a tough fight, even proving impervious to Ace's Metallium Beam. When Alien Fire tossed a sword to Firemons, it was all over for Ace. The sword set on fire, and Firemons began waving it around crazily. It caught Ace's shoulder, and he winced in pain. At one point, Ace slipped on a mound of dirt, and was struggling to get back up, until Firemons drove the sword straight through Ace's chest, killing him.

Firemons was called back, and Ultraseven brought Ace back to life. After recovering in the hospital, Hokuto was back on his feet. Not long afterwards, Alien Fire released Firemons again, and began to reek havoc on the city. TAC came to attack, but was beaten down by Firemons' fire streams. Under cover of smoke, Hokuto transformed into Ultraman Ace once again. The monster still gave Ace a tough fight, and Alien Fire threw the sword to Firemons as he did before. However, TAC came prepared with a powerful laser cannon, the incomplete Silver Shark, which destroyed Firemons on the spot, leaving Alien Fire to fight Ace by himself.


  • Firemons' name literally translates to Fire Monster, yet his true species is that of a Choju.
  • Firemons' roar is a reused Muruchi roar.
  • Firemons and Zetton shared a lot of similarities as both appeared in episode 39 of their series, and they both defeated the Ultra as well. Both were destroyed by the monster attack team. The only difference being that Ace fought again, while Ultraman did not.

Ultraman Ginga

In episode 7, Firemons along with the many other monsters are seen cheering on Ultraman Ginga as he fights Dark Galberos.

Powers and Weapons

  • Flamming Breath: Firemons can breathe fire streams.
  • Fire Sword: Alien Fire, Firemons' master, can help by giving him a sword that can be set aflame.
  • Missiles: Fiermons can fire missiles from his nose, can cause medium-sized explosions.

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