Controal Mainframe

GUARD (Geocentric Universal Alliance against the Radical Destruction) is a united nations defense organization formed to counter the Entity of Destruction, and is the parent organization of XIG


When the supercomputer Crisis, created by the Alchemy Stars, warned humanity's extinction by the Entity of Destruction (a.k.a. Root of Destruction), the United Nations gave a response. Years before the first invasion on Earth, the United Nations along with the Alchemy Stars had formed GUARD. GUARD then developed a wide range of facilities, bases, comba vehicles, and with the help of the Alchemy Stars, GUARD had successfully developed the Repulsor Lift. The discipline was in accordance of the army but it often faced political issues and challenges from the media, such as the questions "Is the GUARD reliable" and "Are our taxes paid towards the government and GUARD worth it?"   

Creation of the Aerial Base and XIGEdit

Shortly after GUARD was formed, the construction of Aerial Base was planned and constructed. When the Aerial Base was completed, XIG, an elite branch of GUARD was created. 

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