GUTS Eagle
GUTS Eagle 1
Length: 24 Meters
26 Meters (with Alpha Superior, bottom)
Weight: tba
Width: tba
Seats up to: 8 members
Max Speed: Mach 6
Mach 7 (with Alpha Superior)
Type: Combination Jet
Affiliation TPC
Super GUTS (Super Global Unlimited Task Squad)
Neo Super GUTS

The GUTS Eagle (ガッツイーグル Gattsu īguru) is the primary vehicle of Super GUTS and is created from combining the GUTS Eagle Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. It is later combined with the Alpha Superior in place of the Alpha to become GUTS Eagle Superior (ガッツイーグルスペリオル Gattsuīgurusuperioru). The vehicle itself is based upon the Ultra Hawk No.1 used by Ultra Garrison and GUTS-WING EX-J (Guts Wing Extra Jet) for combination and separation purposes and is considered as an evolution of the GUTS Wing. Also, a lot of these jets are mass-produced as seen in all portion of TPC though the Super GUTS' are the only ones seen combined.

Jet Formations

  • GUTS Eagle: The combined mecha of GUTS Eagle Alpha, Beta, and Gamma. It can activate the Neo Maxima Overdrive and can activate the most powerful attack: Tornado Thunder.
  • GUTS Eagle Superior: The combined mecha of GUTS Eagle Alpha Superior, Beta, Gamma. It can also activate the Neo Maxima Overdrive and can also activate an even more powerful Tornado Thunder attack.


  • GUTS Eagle Alpha: The second fastest of the Super GUTS mechas, it is mainly piloted by Shin Asuka. However, after the GUTS Eagle Alpha Superior was introduced, Asuka rejected the jet for his favor of another one. Another one was seen at the Mars base used by Taiga 15 years later though it was later destroyed after ramming it with a blast in order to save a kid. It is colored red.
  • GUTS Eagle Alpha Superior: The fastest Super GUTS mecha, later, it became Asuka's favorite, and was piloted by him throughout the later episodes. Takeru Fudo, Asuka's rival in the Air Force Squad ZERO was sent to become a test pilot for the jet's prototype though he died due to engine breakdown. After Asuka sacrificed himself into the wormhole after defeating Sphire, the jet also used by him during his journey through time though it was never seen afterwards. Tsubasa Madoka, a member of Neo-Super GUTS also used this before he was sent to the ancient time by a wizard. It is also colored red.
  • GUTS Eagle Beta: The more evenly balanced of the Super GUTS mechas, it is mainly piloted by Captian Hibiki, Kouda, and Kariya. The combat jet can be armed with laser cannons and can also release bombs. It is colored blue.
  • GUTS Eagle Gamma: The mecha of Super GUTS aimed more towards power than speed. It is mainly piloted by Ryo, and it is colored yellow. The jet was also seen mass-produced where two GUTS Eagle Gamma was sent into aerial combat and in Asuka's dream, four GUTS Eagle Gamma was seen participate in battling the Alien Reguran Captain Zoyaka and his army. It is heavily armed with rocket launchers, a laser and beam weapon on the nose cone.