"Like all the other worlds before, it [Earth] will be reset"

―Galactron speaking through Naomi Yumeno
Home world: Alternate Dimension
First appearance: Ultraman Orb Episode 14: "Justice Out of Control" (2016)
Latest appearance: Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect Them! The Wishes!! (2018)
Height: 61 m
Weight: 61,000 t
Category: Robots
Affiliation: Mulnau
Kei Fukuide (Master/Summoner)
Roar(s): None

Galactron (ギャラクトロン Gyarakutoron?) is an alien mecha that first appeared in Ultraman Orb.


  • Civil Judge Mentor (シビルジャッジメンター Shibiru Jajji Mentā?)
  • Amazing Mechanical Revised Dragon (奇機械改竜 Ki Kikai Kairyū?)


Ultraman Orb

After the disaster involving Maga-Orochi, peace had seemingly returned to Earth until mysteriously, several portal like objects brought forth a gigantic robot! Soon after, Naomi Yumeno affectionately named it "Galactron", and the creature was researched by a group of scientists, including Shin Matsudo, while being kept off limits by VTL, eventually, the beast finally activated, going haywire almost immediately and capturing Yumeno. It soon stormed off into the still repairing Tokyo, where it rampaged, using its portals to wreak havoc across the city, soon enough, Orb appeared on the scene, who had the whole time had a suspicion of the organism, and subsequently tried to figure a way to defeat the beast without harming Yumeno, while Galactron scanned Orb for all of his weaknesses, unbeknownst to him. Orb then attempted to fight the beast, but to no avail, as Galactron's portals were too powerful for Orb. Orb retaliated by moving Galactron to the Inacsessible Forrest to save the city from being destroyed, Orb then transformed into his Hurricane Slash form and tried to use his Orb Slugger Lance to quickly defeat the beast, but Galactron grabbed the Trident like weapon away from him and tossed it away. Then it extended an enormous sword and impaled him, which seemingly killed the silver hero.

Galactron then tossed Orb aside, causing the Ultra to dissipate into particles from the lack of energy to fight. The mecha then communicated with the remaining men of the SSP and used its Galactron Spark to turn the peaceful landscape into chaotic wasteland. Witnessing the destruction, Gai transformed into his Thunder Breaster form in a last-ditch effort to stop the robot. In this berserk form, Orb effortlessly destroyed the robot's shield with a boosted punch in the air, grounding the latter as a result. The Ultra then kicked it away and it soon got back up. Unlike Maga-Orochi, Galactron proved himself to be evenly matched in combat against Thunder Breaster. It then fired his lasers at the Ultra and launched its right hand via dimensional travel to attack Orb. Slightly hurt by Galactron's unprecedented technique, Orb managed to grab the remote-controlled mechanical hand and channel his dark energy to disable its function. Throwing it back at the mecha, Orb seized its braid and forcefully pulled it out, inadvertently disrupting its control over Naomi in the process.

Orb continued to brutally assault Galactron, with Naomi screaming with terror in captivity inside the robot. He ripped out Galactron's left arm and used it to hit the mecha until it was seemingly defeated. Before an enraged Orb could impale the robot with its own left arm, he managed to restrain himself as a result of Jetta's pleading. The robot capitalised on the opportunity to strike him with its laser beams, but Orb shielded himself with the ironic use of the mecha's arm. Before Galactron gets another chance to attack, Orb seal its fate by firing his Zedcium Ray at the robot, destroying it for good in an impressive explosion. Unfortunately, the mecha's demise indirectly resulted in the critical injury of Naomi Yumeno.


  • Voice Actress: Miyabi Matsuura
  • Galactron continues the trend of humans naming Kaiju, as he was named by Naomi Yumeno.
    • Naomi Yumeno gave it the name Galactron by combining Jetta's or Shin's suggested name: Galaxy Dragon (ギャラクシードラゴン Gyarakushī Doragon?) by Jetta; Salvatron (サルバトロン Sarubatoron?) by Shin.
  • It was theorized by Orb/Gai that the machine was dumped on Earth by an extra-dimensional civilization who no longer wished to deal with its destructive behavior. However, in Ultra Hero Study, the special at the end of each Orb episode, Gai stated that it was sent from another dimension to reset civilization and nature.
    • This hypothetic conclusion is based on Bydo from the R-TYPE game series.
  • Galactron's traits resembles these characters below:
    • The sound effect of Galactron for his special technique, is a reused Greeza's sound effect..
    • Galactron's goal, of 'resetting' Earth is similar to the goal of the antagonists of the third Ultraman Cosmos Movie.
    • Galactron's ability to trap objects in its core is similar to Σ-Zuiguru and its destruction while housing a hostage is based on Nosferu.
    • Galactron bears a striking resemblance to the Toho mecha Kiryu, with its color scheme is based on Justice from Guilty Gear series.
  • Director Yuichi Abe requested designer Tsuyoshi Nonaka to make Galactron mostly white in colour, as he had intended for Galactron's metal armour to become dusty over the course of the fight.

Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds!

FB IMG 1488001555642

Sometime later, Galactron was rebuilt by Mulnau and served her faction to turn the Earth into jewelry. He fought Ultraman Orb once again on an island. The two giants put up a good fight with each other with their swords clashing with each other and getting good at each other. After Orb dodged his modified Gem Spark, and looked on in shock, Galactron grabbed him by his braid and attempted to turn him into jewelry, only for a couple of sluggers to cut it off. The owner of those said sluggers was then revealed to be none other than Ultraman Zero himself, who came into Orb's dimension via his Ultimate Aegis. Galactron tried to hold his own against the two Ultra swordsmen, but he was proven to be no match for them. After Zero and Orb took out the robot's sword and arm cannon respectively, they destroyed Galactron with their Wide Zero Shot and Orb Supreme Calibur respectively.

Ultraman Geed

"Now, it's the birth of a new knight!"

―Kei Fukuide, Episode 7
7 galactron

Galactron returned in this series where he was introduced to an audience by Kei Fukuide in his special lecture via his Kaiju Capsule form and claimed it to be a model he will use in his next project as inspiration for the "ordinary father" in his next story to become the Shining Knight, only for Kei to use his Riser to summon the said robot kaiju and let it rage a path of destruction throughout the city. Later on, Kei revealed to the heroes of the show that if they kill him, it will stop Galactron, only for Leito/Ultraman Zero to be shown as a murderer. Riku Asakura then decided to take on Galactron as he transformed into Ultraman Geed.

Geed summoned his Geed Claw after he dodged the robot's laser beams and kept on hitting him with it, but to no avail at first, as his body was tough enough to handle it. Eventually, Geed managed to make Galactron stagger, but he quickly recovered and introduced his newest feature, his ejectable arm cannon which fired his lasers at him, tackled though him, and allowed Galactron to knock the Ultra down with his tail. Geed got back up and fought back, but Galactron dodged his attacks and overwhelmed him later on. As he was grabbing Geed by his shaft, Zero got his attention and allowed the robot to attack him with a fully charged laser beam attack, leaving Zero to be seemingly destroyed, satisfying Kei. Angered by this, Geed managed to break free with his Geed Claw and attacked Galactron head-on with a Corkscrew Jamming while the latter brought out a shield, but all that resulting in was having Galactron lose his left hand and his braid. It mattered little to the robot however, as he marched from the dust cloud of the resulting explosion and towards an exhausted Geed, whose Color Timer began to flash.

UG-Galactron Screenshot 014

Damaged Galactron

Still enraged by Zero's supposed death, Geed went on the offensive and assaulted the robot, even though his attacks didn't even make a dent in him and Galactron still had plenty enough energy left to fight, but Kei snapped his fingers and Galactron get deactivated as a result as Geed passed out from exhaustion and reverted back to Riku. The next day, Kei reactivated Galactron and the latter continued his rampage until Geed reappeared and challenged the robot once more. The Ultraman held the upper hand at first, but the two of them ended up being evenly matched with each other as Geed tried to chop off Galactron's right hand. Suddenly, Leito miraculously transformed back into Ultraman Zero, kicked the robot in the face and decided to team up with Geed to double team Galactron.

To even the odds, Kei summoned another Galactron from his Riser and while the two Ultras were able to hold their own against the robots in combat at first, they were eventually overwhelmed. After Zero was sent flying thanks to the second Galactron's blade, the human and Ultra were visited by a manifestation of Ultraman Hikari's remaining power via his travel ball. There, he brought and gave them a Riser, an Ultra Capsule Holder, and some Ultra Capsules of Ultramen Ginga, Victory, X, & Orb. With these items, Zero transformed into his new debuted form, Ultraman Zero Beyond.

Zero summoned his Quattro Slugger and launched two for each Galactron and then Geed transformed into his Acro Smasher form before slashing repeatedly at the first Galactron with his Smash Beam Blade at astonishing speed. As for Zero, he punched the second Galactron repeatedly at astonishing speed, then sent him flying with an enhanced punch then back down with an enhanced kick. Afterwards, Geed and Zero destroyed the Galactrons with their Diffusion Shower and Bulky Chorus respectively, even though the latter's target tried to deflect it with it's shield, only for it to be easily penetrated upon impact.


  • Suit Actor: Kenji Kajikawa
    • The Galactron suit from Ultraman Orb was reused for his said appearances.
  • Two units of Galactron appear in the series. This parallels the Darklops Zeros from episode 3 by:
    • There being multiple of the same being fighting at one time.
    • Both being robotic in nature.
    • Both being extremely tough opponents in their first appearances.
    • There being multiple units appearing yet they are meant to be the only one of their kind to exist, the Darklops are not the same as Darklops Zero despite their identical appearances.
  • The first Galactron was damaged, using the 'damaged' suit from previous shows, to differentiate the two Galactrons.
  • The way Galactron deactivated, mirrors to how Inpelaizer did from Mebius' series. Coincidentally, both were activated again when the minute hand or the second hand of the clock had reached or passed 12 o'clock.

Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect Them! The Wishes!!

An army of Galactrons, which consists of original (Mk-1) models and Mk-2 variants, appear in this movie under the control of Gilbaris. Their directive is to retrieve Red Steel from Okinawa. During this operation, they will eventually battle against Ultraman Geed, Orb, Zero and Jugglus Juggler.


Galactron Mk-1

Mark 1

  • Height: 61 m
  • Weight: 61,000 t
  • Origins: Alternate Dimension
Powers and Weapons
  • Dimensional Transportation: Galactron can interdimensionally travel via circular symbols.
  • Shield: These same shield can protect Galactron from attacks.
  • Organism Scan: Galactron can scan objects to analyze them for strengths and weaknesses.
  • Entity Transportation: Galactron can transport organisms inside of it via it's chest crystal.
  • Internal Wiring Control: Galactron can control the actions of his own wiring to do as it pleases.
    • Entity Link: By connecting one of it's wires to that of a victims brain, Galactron can control that person too. It can relay speech through this means to an intercom.
  • Heat Ray: Energy beams fired from its eyes. Upon firing on the target, mysterious circles appear before they were replaced by explosions.
  • Galactron Shaft (ギャラクトロンシャフト Gyarakutoron Shafuto?): A large braid attached to its neck that can pick up and lift opponents.
  • Galactron Blade (ギャラクロンブレード Gyarakutoron Burēdo?): Galactron can flip up the weapon on its left hand which can also extend to deliver a fatal stab to its target.
    • Laser Beams: Galactron is capable of firing a laser beam from its blade.
  • Galactron Spark (ギャラクトロンスパーク Gyarakutoron Supāku?): Galactron flies up, charges a laser beam in its chest and then fires it, like Galactron's other attacks, it is powerful.
    • Galactron Gem Spark (ギャラクトロンジェムスパーク Gyarakutoron Jemu Supāku?): Upon being modified by Mulnau, Galactron possess the ability to turn its targets into jewels.
  • Ejectable Arm Cannon: The weapon on Galactron's left hand, which can fire an electrical like laser from it, however, this seemed to only mildly annoy Thunder Breaster, the weapon can also be detached from Galactron's arm.

Galactron Mk-2

Mark 2

  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: TBA
  • Origins: TBA
Powers and Weapons
  • Giant Blade: Galactron holds a giant purple and golden blade in its right hand.


Galaktron Orb

A figure of Galactron was released in October. The figure was in the DX line though it stands at nearly 10 inches or 25 cm.

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