Gallon (ガロン Garon?) was a stegosarus that appeared in the series Dinosaur Great War Izenborg Kaiju.


  • Flames: Gallon can launch a deadly stream of fire from his mouth


Gallon was a cybernetice stegosaurs monster that was part of Ururu's last chance to get in good with the boss Grottes. He along with the petrosaur monster Baton was transported by him and used his flames to shoot down planes and jets. The first time D-Force coudlnt win, the second time they were able to handle them.

With the Super Aizenborg attacking from one side and a jet from the other couldnt decide who to fight as the flying reptile had his own problems. Tired of being flied at he spewd flames at the jet but, distracted long enough for Aizenborg to drill through his throat and out his shoulder killing Gallon once and for all.

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