Gaos (ガオス - Gaosu) is a monster that fell from space in the series, Dinosaur Sentai Koseidon.


  • Height: TBA
  • Weight: TBA
  • Origin: Space


Dinosaur Sentai Koseidon

While aliens invaded, they sent a monster down from the heavens. Gaos erupted from his capsule like meteorite, and was instantly challenged by Tyrannosaurus Jackie, but sadly, the tyrant king was too weak to cope with Gaos' strength, and a single heat beam took the dinosaur down.


  • Gaos' name is very similar to the Gamera monster, Gyaos

Powers and Abilities

  • Heat Beam: From his eyes, Gaos can fire a heat beam.
  • Mace Hand: Similar to Barabas, Gaos has a mace for his right hand.

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