Giant monster, Gariasu

Gariasu (ガリアス Gariasu?) was a giant monster that appeared in the series, Dinosaur Sentai Koseidon.


Height: 45 m (Estimated)

Weight: N/A

Origin: Prehistoric Earth


When the Godomesu aliens where sick of Koseidon's medling, they created a giant monster, Gariasu! The beast went on a rampage in prehistoric earth, taking down other dinosaurs easily. When Koseidon suddenly appeared, the beast, being well over 30 meters tall, dwarfed the red hero. But, after a well time diving move, Koseidon plowed his way through the beast's chest, killing it.


  • Gariasu is the first giant monster in the Koseidon series.
  • He has skin like flaps under his arms like Toho monster, Varan.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Under Gariasu's arms are small wings, how ever, like monster Chandorah, it is unknown if he can fly.

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