Stageshow Garourar
Home world: Space
First appearance: Ultraman Mebius Televi-Kun Special: The Jackal Army's Great Counterattack
Latest appearance: Ultraman Festival 2008
Height: 68 m
Weight: 34,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: Armored Darkness (Master)
Zarabon (Comrade)
Roar(s): N/a

Garourar (ガロウラー Garourā) is a kaiju created by Armored Darkness in the Televi-Kun special of Ultraman Mebius Televi-Kun Special. He was created from a drawing contest in Televi-Kun magazine, though originally named as Garulra (ガルーラ Garūra).

Subtitle: Space Wildlife (宇宙鳥獣 Uchū Chōjū)


  • Height: 68 m
  • Weight: 34,000 t
  • Origin: Space
  • Flight Speed: Mach 7 (Atmospheric), Mach 30 (Space)


Ultraman Mebius Televi-Kun Special

Garourar was created by Armored Darkness and with Zarabon, they were ordered to attack the Land of Light and it's inhabitants with an army of Jackal Saucers. While Garourar managed to evade incoming attacks from the Space Garrisons and the Ultra Brothers, Garourar eventually defeated after the Ultra Brothers reflected his black hole attack, sending himself to the black hole of his own creation.

Ultraman Festival 2008

In this non-canon stage show, Garourar (under Armored Mefilas' command) and other fan-made monsters (Zarabon, Jiorugon, Alien Endeal etc.) joined forces to attack the Ultras. Eventually, they were defeated by the trio Heisei Ultras, Tiga, Dyna and Gaia and the Ultra Brothers.

Powers and Weapons

  • Flight: As a bird-like monster, Garourar can fly in a tremendous speed, in space and atmospheric levels.
  • Acceleration: Garourar can move in a blinding speed so much that his presence is undetectable.
  • Rainbow Beam: From it's tail, Garourar can fire colorful rainbow-colored energies, even used them for attacks. If the beam reflected back to Garourar, the monster will be pulled by a black hole.
  • Spear Arm: Garourar's right arm has a spear that assist him in melee combats.
  • Pincher Arm: Garourar's left arm has a pincher that assist him in melee combats.


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