Home world: Planet Heller
First appearance: The Ultraman Episode 46
Latest appearance: None
Height: 100 m
Weight: 150,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
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Gedon (ゲドン Gedon?) was a robot monster that appeared in The Ultraman.

Subtitle: Mecha Monster (メカ怪獣 Meka Kaijū?)

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: Gedon can fly at high speeds using hidden rockets in its base.
  • Tread: Gedon travels on a tread, allowing it to move very fast over any terrain.
  • Eye Lasers: Gedon can fire explosive yellow lasers from its rotatable eye.
  • Finger Machine Guns: Gedon is armed with a machine gun in each finger.
  • Armor: Gedon has armor thick enough to withstand attacks as strong as the Planium Beam.


Gedon will violently malfunction if its control ship is destroyed.


Appearing in Tokyo one day was the Heller aliens' giant robot monster Gedon. Once the Scientific Defense Guard was on the scene Gedon used its superior fire power to gain the upper hand and even took down the Ultria. Once Choichi turned into Ultraman Joneus, he assaulted the robot only for neither of them to over power the other even when the hero used the Planium Beam. Gedon returned to its control ship only to reappear at the Scientific Defense Guard's base later that night. Before it could destroy the Ultria, Joneus attacked Gedon again and managed to easily out maneuver it. Shortly into the battle Joneus destroyed Gedon's control ship the killer robot violently malfunctioned. During this the Ultria unleashed a barrage from its cannons before Joneus finished Gedon with a a shot of the Planium Beam.

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