Geed Claw
User(s): Ultraman Geed
Nature: Arm Blade
Powers: Various energy attacks
First Appearance: Ultraman Geed Episode 6: So That I Can Be Me (2017)
Status: In use

Geed Claw (ジードクロー Jīdo Kurō?) is an arm claw-like weapon used by Ultraman Geed. It is a secondary weapon for all of his Fusion Rise forms.



Powers and Abilities

  • Claw Cutting (クローカッティング Kurō Kattingu?): Activated by pressing the trigger one time, then pressing its Deciding Switch (決めスイッチ Kime Suicchi?), Geed can fire a red projectile blade that drills into its target before exploding.
  • Corkscrew Jamming (コークスクリュージャミング Kōkusukuryū Jamingu?): Activated by pressing the trigger two times, then pressing its Deciding Switch (決めスイッチ Kime Suicchi?). Geed first leaps his body, then spins in a manner of a human bullet while holding the Geed Claw in front of him and strikes the enemy.
  • Diffusion Shower (ディフュージョンシャワー Difyūjon Shawā?): Activated by scanning the blade part of the Geed Claw via the Riser, which causes the Riser to announce Shift into Maximum! (シフトイントゥマキシマム! Sifuto intu Makisimamu!?), Riku presses the Expansion Switch (展開スイッチ Tenkai Suicchi?), causing the blades open up to the sides, then he presses the trigger 3 times and finally, he presses the Deciding Switch (決めスイッチ Kime Suicchi?) to initiate the attack. Geed fires a beam from the Geed Claw to the sky and it rains onto the target.




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