Home world: Yapool's Dimension
First appearance: Ultraman Ace Episode 51: "Life-Sucking Sound" (1973)
Latest appearance: None
Height: 51 m
Weight: 23,000 t
Category: Choju
Affiliation: Yapool (Creator)

Geegon (ギーゴン Gīgon?) was a Choju that appeared in the TV series, Ultraman Ace. He appeared in episode 51.

Subtitle: Violin Super-beast (バイオリン超獣 Baiorin Chōjū?)


  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 23,000 t
  • Origin: Yapool's Dimension


Ultraman Ace

Geegon was a choju created by Yapool after a boy named Haruo who tried to destroy his own violin after getting into an argument with his strict mother. Taking the form of Haruo's violin, the violin began playing itself, stealing the soul of Haruo and a girl. The Cello then flew around the city, slowly stealing the souls of anyone who listened to his playing, growing bigger by the minute. Finally upon growing big enough, the violin began to playing in the heart of the city, stealing even more souls to empower it. After a scuffle with Haruo's mother, who willing put herself under the violin's influence, Hokuto and TAC opened fire at the giant violin. However, this finally unleashed Geegon's true form, who attacked back and downed TAC's jets. Hokuto quickly transformed into Ultraman Ace to battle the violin choju, but Geegon had stolen so many souls and was able to overpower Ace both physically and with the aid of his Supersonic attack.

After striking Ace with his lasers, Ace was briefly paralyzed by the choju, but thanks to Earth's sunlight reaching him, Ace fought back and this time severely weakened Geegon by severing the strings that created his music. With Geegon mortally wounded, Ace destroyed the choju with the Metallium Ray. After being killed, Geegon faded away in the form of music, returning all the souls he had stolen.


  • While Geegon's body is completely new, his face is a modified Kaimanda beak.
  • Geegon's roar is a Sadola roar played backwards.

Powers and Weapons

  • Violin Form: Geegon can transform into a giant violin. When like this he can fly and steal souls.
    • Soul Steal: While in violin form, the music played by Geegon can steal the soul of anyone who listens to it. The more souls he steals, the more bigger and powerful Geegon becomes.
  • Supersonic: Geegon can emit a loud and painful, high-pitch sound by shaking his body.
  • Lasers: Geegon can fire 4 green lasers from the pegs on his head, they can cause medium explosions. If striking an opponent, they will be paralyze for a few seconds.


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