Home world: Space
First appearance: Bio Planet WoO episode 1
Latest appearance: Bio Planet WoO episode 2
Height: 48 meters
Weight: 1000 tons
Category: Kaiju
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Gelnake (ゲルネイク Geruneiku?) is a monster that appeared in the Tsuburaya series Bio Planet WoO.


  • Height: 48 m
  • Weight: 1000 t
  • Origin: Space


Summoned to Earth by WoO when Ai was being picked up by bullies , the strange blob-like kaiju Gelnake attacked Ai Kumasiro’s, the girl who befriended WoO, school. It stabbed its tentacles through the walls and ceiling, dragging screaming kids into its body for absorption. Watching on in horror, the young girl was helpless as it devoured her friends, but when its tentacles lashed out at her, WoO suddenly appeared, now bigger than a man!

In its inflated form, the alien attacked the murderous blob, bouncing and smashing against its gooey body like a cannon shot! The kaiju lashed out, briefly holding the heroic little alien before WoO turned around and flew straight into the top of its body! The blob’s body began to expand before it popped like a ripe grape, showering the area with its slime.

Powers and Abilities

  • Tentacles: Gelnake has several long tentacles which he can use to abosrb humans or in combat.
  • Absorb: Gelnake can absorb humans using his tentacles.


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