Georgie Leland
Georgie Leland
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Home world: Earth (Guardians of the Earth Universe Timeline)
Series: Ultraman Gaia
First appearance: Seize the Light!
Last appearance: Earth is Ultraman's Star
Number of appearances 51 (Gaia)
Type: Ally,
XIG operator
Affiliation XIG
Portrayed by Maria Theresa Gow

Georgie Leland (ジョジー・リーランド Jojī Rīrando) is a character in Ultraman Gaia. She was a member of XIG and operated on the Operation Crew.


Ultraman Gaia



  • In the end of episode 31 of Ultraman Gaia, Atsuko forced Gamu on a date with her after he was seen hanging out with Georgie at a restaurant in the beginning.
  • In episode 17 her birthday is revealed to be December 26th, which is the same date said episode was aired on.
  • There appears to be a bit of a running gag with Georgie betting over certain things.